The first ever Shaolin Team Canada Wushu Festival was held on November 3rd of 2019. This event was significant for many reasons including:

1. Providing an opportunity for STQI students to develop their skills and experience.

2. Showcasing a 1,500 year tradition of Shaolin martial arts forms as envisioned by Master Shi Guo Song.

3. Implementing a judging system catered for traditional forms in which athletes perform twice showing compulsory technique and then showing effectiveness in application.

4. Introducing exciting Timed Event races where athletes compete in skills directly related and relevant to their training.

5. Bringing together the STQI schools with representatives from Markham, downtown Toronto, St. Jerome Laurentides, Scarborough, Toronto East, and Mississauga.

Ultimately, this event is about the athletes, both children and adults. It’s about their Shaolin Spirit – not worrying about being the best, but doing their best in their efforts to continuously strive for self improvement in every way. If they win gold, great! If they win silver, great! Bronze? Great! If they prepared themselves accordingly and performed the way they want to, then they are happy regardless of the medal.

What was impressive was no one was sour about their results and standings. Being able to see each other compete and accept where they are is a great teaching. Learn from those who are better from you and strive to become better yourself. In this way, competition can only improve one further and is the embodiment of the Shaolin Spirit of this wushu festival.Congratulations to all the athletes and thank you to all the volunteers that made this an invaluable experience for everyone!

Our Event Photographer: Kelly Cruise THANK YOU!!!