Shaolin Team Canada Wushu Festival Summary

The first ever Shaolin Team Canada Wushu Festival was held on November 3rd of 2019. This event was significant for many reasons including: 1. Providing an opportunity for STQI students to develop their skills and experience. 2. Showcasing a 1,500 year tradition of Shaolin martial arts forms as envisioned by Master Shi Guo Song. 3. […]

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Join Us For A *LIVE STREAM* At The Shaolin Team Canada Wushu Festival!

LIVE STREAM URL: We are broadcasting live for our 1st Shaolin Team Canada Wushu Festival. Tune in on Sunday, November 3 at 9:30 AM for the opening ceremonies! Watch athletes compete in traditional Shaolin forms as taught by Master Shi Guo Song and his schools, as well as exciting Timed Events that showcase traditional Shaolin […]

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STQI Representing Canada at the Opening Ceremonies

It was great that STQI could represent Canada at the 12th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival at the opening ceremonies!The crowd cheered as the Canadian flag emerged onto the stage, lead by Barron Chung and Rosemary Stehlik of the STQI schools in Markham and downtown Toronto respectively. In fact, Canada had the loudest cheers thanks to our […]

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We’re back from Shaolin Temple, China!

Many stories to come! We have just returned from the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China.Doing well at the 12th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival was the main focus of our 2.5 weeks trip in mid-October. We are happy to report back that we have surpassed all our goals by achieving personal bests in international competition […]

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Great Turnout for the $10,000 Challenge

Over 1080 people came to our booth at the Chinatown Festival and took the Shaolin Team Canada Challenge. They took away over $15,000 in prizes including sweat towels, baseball caps, water bottles and more! We're now looking forward to next weekend where we'll be hosting a fundraising banquet which includes free classes at our school [...]

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