Dao Shi, Head Coach of the Shaolin Canada Team

Shi Chang Dao a.k.a. Dao Shi, has been training and studying in the Shaolin arts of traditional kung fu, qi gong, meditation, and Chán philosophy since 2007, under the careful guidance of Master Shi Guo Song who is believed to be one of the few remaining traditional Shaolin masters today.

Dao became his formal disciple in early 2011 and given the name Shi Chang Dao 释常道 which essentially means to lead the way through example. As a 35th Generation Shaolin Disciple, he has a verifiable lineage that goes back over 1,500 years. His life vision is to help alleviate and prevent suffering for all by teaching others how to improve their mental and physical health, and by making these Shaolin arts and philosophy accessible to the masses. Today his school in Chinatown Toronto has grown to over 230 students.

Dao has appeared in the media in January 2016 for a Fairchild Television: Special Feature, October 2015 for a Rogers Television program called Future Prospects with Joy Foster, and in 2013 for a CBC feature called Masters of the City, Keepers of an Ancient Culture.

Dao Shi, Head Coach of the Shaolin Canada Team

Shi Guo Song, Chief Coach of Shaolin Canada

Master Shi Guo Song is the authority on Shaolin culture and arts in Canada. He arrived at the Shaolin Temple when he was six years old and trained for over 25 years before leaving China with the aim to establish Shaolin in other parts of the world such as Canada.

Master Shi Guo Song is one of only a few authentic and traditional Shaolin monks in the world. What makes him authentic is:

  1. His verifiable lineage that traces back over 1,500 years to the creation of Shaolin Temple in Northern China around 500 A.D., and
  2. His Shaolin livelihood, which includes following the Shaolin precepts to do good and compassionate things to help others.

Master Shi Guo Song leads by example and action. Since coming Canada in 1997, he established the Shaolin Luohan Temple charitable organization; built his own Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute (STQI) brand of Shaolin school in Markham with over 300 active students; and supported the development of other schools across Canada including downtown Toronto with over 225 students, St. Jerome (Quebec) with another 100 students, Hinton and Jasper (Alberta), and also Milton (Ontario).

Shi Guo Song - Chief Instructor of Shaolin Team Canada

The Shaolin Canada Team

Over 20 candidates from 8 to 60 years of age, including children and adult males and females, are currently in training. They must each pass several formal rounds of testing by Dao Shi and his master, Shi Guo Song. The athletes of the Shaolin Team Canada will be formally selected and announced in May 2018.

All the candidates are proudly Canadian and from the following ethnic backgrounds: Chinese, Croatian, Brazilian, Scottish, British, Taiwanese, Iranian, African, French, Filipino, Scottish-Mohawk, Dutch, Serbian, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Irish