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Shaolin Team Canada is a non-profit dedicated to Canadian athletes representing Canada in Shaolin competitions around the world.

This October, we are organizing a team of 15 to 20 athletes for the 12th International Zhengzhou Shaolin Competition Festival. Your support will enable us to train our athletes to best represent Canada while educating others about the mental and physical benefits of the traditional Shaolin martial arts, qigong, and meditation.

Child in 2014 Zhengzhou competition

Current Amount Raised: $10,000

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Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute Toronto
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info@shaolinteam.ca | 647.724.8004


For donations by cheque, please write the cheque to SHAOLIN TEAM CANADA. We will send you an official receipt for your tax purposes.

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About Authentic Shaolin

Shaolin is a 1,500 year old culture recognized today for its incredible martial arts, making it an iconic symbol of Chinese culture. It was founded in a temple in a young forest near Deng Feng, China. We are not a religious institution and instead practise what is called Shaolin Chán philosophy. It is compatible with all religions, non-religions, and spirituality.

Shaolin Chán teaches us how to deal with the stresses of daily life and to strive for clarity and mindfulness through meditation. Shaolin’s teachings continue in Canada through the leadership of Master Shi Guo Song, who founded the registered Canadian charity named Shaolin Luohan Temple.

Canadian Competitors in the Shaolin Temple Sacred Hall